Learn how to increase your sales through powerful content marketing and photography in 3 simple ways

Drive sales to your F&B business through curated content and creative food photography.

Lensa Mars offers FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING service that helps F&B business owners to rapidly increase sales through mouth watering food images and thoughtful content.

Unlike other Food Photographer, with Lensa Mars, we offers creative food images with curated content to make food products look gorgeously delicious and helps to deliver stories.

We Photographed Your Food Products with Creative Styling

Lensa mars offering expertise from a talented Food Photographer and a creative Food Stylist. We aim to create FOOD IMAGES that not only look good, but profitable and bringing sales to your business. Looking forward to have impressive food image for your marketing campaign? Hit button below!

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Our works often focusing on ingredients and carefully chosen props to tell a story.

We specialize in Food Photography and Food Styling, with a touch of art and exclusivity.

Our main objective is to drive sales to our client through creative food photography.

We always make sure our works are on top of the marketing trend and needs.

Top 4 reasons why you should have Food Photography & Curated Content for your F&B business

Thoughtful content help you build trust online

Food images and content marketing are important in creating engagement with your audience. Professionally shot, food photos that delivers stories will help you build trust online.

Contribute to profitable business

You are getting the eye catching and mouth watering food images with creative styling that will turn your product into a profitable business.

Builds brands credibility and attracts new customers

Professional Food photography and creative content will bring your brand from average to outstanding, making your customers remembers your product and wanting to try.

Important assets for F&B business

Don't be stingy when it comes to spending money on food photography and content marketing because presenting your food product in the best way are the most important thing in F&B business marketing.

Lensa Mars able to deliver what we want and all images looks fresh & vibrant. You don't have to spend money and time going to expensive photography studio, i just send over my cookies and they know what to do.

Do u face all of this problem while running your F&B business?

Busy Schedule

We understand if you don’t have time to create content and take photos of your products because of your busy schedule.

Running challenging business

We are fully aware that running a F&B business is so challenging. There is so much thing to take into consideration.

Lack of convincing images

We know how bad it is when you failed to convince  potential client, due to lack of mouth watering food images and zero content value.

In dire needs of high quality images

We realize many business owner like you needs professional food photographer to capture your food product and delivers insightful content for marketing campaign.

Worry not, as we are here to help you.

Thank you Lensa Mars for awesome and mouth watering photos for business owner like Mr.Melting who obviously don't have time to produce my own photos. Lensa Mars helps a lot to give new look to each and every products with reliable cost. I'm definitely very satisfied with every food images and use them extensively in marketing. Thanks again Lensa Mars!
Muhammad Kairul
Founder Mr.Melting

Lensa Mars's Portfolio

Food Photography and styling package from Lensa Mars can bring your brand from average, to over the top.

Want to see our previous work and getting inspirations for your dream food images? Click button to see our full Portfolio.

Our service are made exclusive to cater the needs of entrepreneur. Which one are you?


Build your brand with exclusive photos of food from your own kitchen. We will also captures your restaurant’s ambiance, interior and exterior to helps with your marketing.


Dream of having your very own cook book? We can help you capture your special recipe and making them looks delicious to be featured in your recipe book.


Build your customers trust with convincing food photos that stick in their mind. We will also helps to deliver the story behind your brand which portray your brand identity.

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Help your client with promising images and make their products stand out. Lets collaborate and be creative with different ways of telling stories through curated content and images created just for them. 

4 qualities that you can get from Lensa Mars

Versatile and flexible packages

More than 3 options of food photography packages with flexible price from a talented food photographer.

Graphic design for social media

We helps to produce trendy graphic design according to your package for social media marketing.

Preshoot consultation

We will come out with a list of attractive theme for your business and discuss what your needs and wants as everyone desire is different.

Profitable investment

You can use the high resolution food images that we capture in all of your print ads, social posts, online ads, and menus. Book once and use all you want.

Too good to resist? Check out our package below

Lensa Mars's Packages

We have prepared exclusive FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING package for you.

Book now and choose your preferred package that fit your budget, needs and wants.  Start gaining customers attention and make them wanting your food product now. We all love to see delicious and scrumptious food photos right?

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food photographer malaysia
food photographer malaysia
food photographer malaysia
food photographer malaysia
food photographer malaysia

Need an expert consultation before booking?

Want to request a custom package?

Have not found package that fit your business? We understand if you need packages made according to your marketing campaign, budget and needs.

The reason behind this is, we want to prove that FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY packages is not expensive like you think it was. Every F&B business owner can afford to have them. It just you haven’t find a package suitable for you right?

This is why we are here for you. Please fill the form below and tell us exactly what you need and we will assist you.

Thank you Lensa Mars for awesome pictures! All the pictures were professionally shot but surprisingly the price is so affordable for me. Even though I'm just a home baker, i always wanted high quality food images for my delicate homemade products. They work with my budget and delivers great service.
Nur Hanis Hashim
Founder Chadell the Baker

A short story of how Lensa Mars started

Lensa Mars offers Food Photography and styling service that have been proven can generate profits because we too are F&B entrepreneur just like you. We started with selling foods online and we know its important to have mouth watering food photos to helps convince our customers.

“Study successful people and businesses, then do what they did to become successful while making slight modifications to fit your life style, your values, your business model & your goals.” 

– Clay Clark

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Let us help you with our expertise

Having nicely shot food images, will give your brand good reputation by building brand’s credibility, create customer’s trust and displaying your food products in the best possible way.

We know running a F&B business is hard. You need creative and passionate people who know what to do in delivering the untold story behind the uniqueness and benefits of your food products. Proud to say, that is our expertise at Lensa Mars.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” 

Ralph Marston

How to book Food Photography and Styling package like a boss - with just 3 easy steps

1. Choose your package

Choose your preferred package that suits your business needs.

2. Fill the form

Fill the form with all required information. Your transparency are much appreciated.

2. Tell us your needs

We are listening! No help can be given if we dont understand your needs. Lists it out in perfect order and get experts recommendations from us.

We will contact you as soon as possible through email. Lets plan and create something creative together!

FREE graphic design if you book Food Photography and Styling package with us

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Book Now!

Wait no more. Your F&B business need this.

The decision you make today will make your brand looks better than your competitors.

Money back guarantee if we failed to produce food images like you want.

Custom a package with us today!

Didn’t have package that you are looking for? Do you need a custom package from us? Please fill the form below and tell us exactly what you need and we will assist you.

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